As an intitutionalized a group of companies, BMS were founded in 1968 in Karabük,where the first iron and steel factory were founded and expanded abroad, as Sabah Transportation and Marketing, in 1984 as Zontur Iron and Steel Inc. in Iskenderun, in 1999 as BMS Inc. in Istanbul and in 2004 as BMS United Metal Industry Limited Company in Izmir.

Starting out with a single company and transformed into a group of companies in a short time with its manufacturing, selling, import and export, extensive market network, sense of quality and expedition of delivery, the name of BMS is associated with steel all over Turkey and the world.Turkey's first and highest capacity Steel Wire Mesh Factory was founded in 1972 in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and was purchased by our group in 2004.

Our factory, BMS Steel Mesh Industry and Trade Inc., with its latest model machine attachments and its enlarged closed areas, has increased its annual capacity to 70,000 tons/year of steel mesh, 120,000 tons/year cold drawing and bar. Besides its assertive position in Turkey, the company supplies %30 of the needs of Turkey with steel mesh production and exportation of it.

Bogac Profile Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc., which was included in our group in 2002, imports and sells non-production thick industrial profiles (NOI, NPU, HEB, HEA, HEM, IPE) in Gebze facility in Turkey. Sheet and coil sheets, angles, rods and pipes are again the products of this company. All of the shares were purchased by our group in 2013.

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